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The Good Shepherd Ranch, LLC.

~Guaranteed Trail & Driving Horses~

(520) 981-3525

[email protected]


DOB: 3/16/2019

Height: 16.1-2 hand

Breed: Registered Clydesdale

Registered name: ROCK-N-HILL TOBIAS

Color: Bay Roan paint

Sex: Gelding

Rides great & Drives - double or single (but green on single)

Contact: James Ramirez

Phone# 520-981-3525

Email: [email protected]

TOBIAS is a big puppy dog. He's a registered 3yo Clydesdale. With a HUGE personality! Stands about 16.1-2 hands.

Tobias came from a great farm, was well started and had a great foundation on him. He's only gets better with each day. He is great on the trails or on the wagon or buggy.

He's a great horse for any level rider, old or young.

Rides English, western, or bareback. Also drives double or single. Very traffic safe.

Won't get in hurry unless he is asked, although he has a FANTASTIC lope & will step into when asked. He's got a beautiful, slow, collected, western pleasure style lope.

He is SUPER sweet & personable - a dog in a horse body. Tobias is amazing with children and has been involved with every event we host and has loved on/ made many people super happy!

Also, athletic & very willing but also very laid back & easy going.

Tobias is also brave & very willing to go where you point him.

He will lead or follow out on trails. He is not barn or buddy sour. Rides out alone great for us as well.

Is a good/willing at jumping. Loves the water.

We have ponied other horses off of him.

Stands great for the farrier (without stalks) stands like a perfect gentleman even for hot shoeing.

He's also good in a pasture/social setting, is easy to catch (usually comes up to us).

Tobias has been started under harness and has been driving great, very traffic safe & easy going.

He is kind of an all-around guy. Even if something is new to him, he will give his best try. Would be an ideal horse for therapy or great for any lever rider. Tobias is an ideal family or therapy horse as he adores people and is so patient and forgiving, also have a great sense of humor. Has wonderful ground manners!

If your looking for a horse that rides great, drives nice and is always easy going that loves cuddles, then here's your boy.

He also: ties, cross ties, loads, hauls, clips & bathes.

We guarantee for soundness and he goes with a trial period.