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The Good Shepherd Ranch, LLC.

~Guaranteed Trail & Driving Horses~

(520) 990-2041

[email protected] 

Our policies & Other Info

Purchasing/Adopting Horses

Information for all potential buyers/adopters

*Vet checks

Pre-purchase exams are welcome, at buyers expense. Some of our horses are previously vetted. Just ask. 

To save you on time, money & worry, we do provide a 14 day trade back guarantee.

At any rate, If the horse has a behavioral or soundness issue & we are aware of it we will disclose it. 

*Out of State buyers

90% of our buyers purchase sight/unseen. We work extremely hard to maintain our great reputation, we want a great match, happy horse & happy client. 

We carefully select them, they are checked for soundness prior to our purchase, and we have 40+ years experience behind us & we are confident in our horses when we finally offer them to the public.

We have a HUGE list of reviews, references & testimonies from very Happy/satisfied clients. Most are listed here, some on Facebook & many mailed in, but if you would like more or wish to talk personally with some of these clients please just let us know.

Hauling/Shipping - we can help with arrangements. Sometimes one way hauls are included & are completely handled/arranged by us.

Otherwise, Hauling & arrangements are handled by the buyer & at buyers expense.

Health certificate & Coggins - arranged/handled by the Good Shepherd Ranch management when needed, but will be at buyers expense - unless already available or included in purchase price or if other arrangements have been agreed on.

*Potential Adopters

Folks interested in adopting will be required to fill out & send in (via email or mail) an Adoption/Match making application. Please email for application.

*Buyers /Adopters

Any buyer or Adopter will be required to fill out a Purchase/Adoption agreement to final adoption or purchase. 


Adoption program - Horses that are donated, given to us or on our Rescue/Rehabilitation program are automatically added to our Adoption program.

100% of the adoption fee's made will aid & help all other horses within the adoption program. 

Sale Horses - Are personally & carefully selected Horses, Horses that we purchase with the intention to eventually allow to be purchased by the right person or family. The profits made from the sale horses supplement & help aid our Equine adoption program as well as support the needs of the Ranch.

*Trying / Meeting Horses - We would be happy to have you. Let us know who you would like to meet & we will schedule you in. 

If you can't meet/try a horse before purchase, you don't have to worry as we offer a soundness & compatibility guarantee with every horse!

Tack - We have saddles & tack for you to use, unless you would prefer to use yours.

Helmet - Bring your helmet or one will be provided to you upon request.

Riding attire - Smooth soled footwear (preferably boots), proper & modest riding attire is required to ride or handle any of our equines.

Release - We will require a filled out & signed Release of Liability form. If under 18 must have legal guardian or parent sign release. *No exceptions* There is risk & liability with Horses in general, no matter where or when. 

We are an equine facility - All activities on the Good Shepherd Ranch grounds are subject to the Equine Inherent Risk Law. By your presence on our grounds you have indicated that you have accepted the limits of liability resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.

*Matching Horse & Human - We invest all of our love, skill, time & resources into every Equine we receive so it is extremely important to us that you have a well matched, happy partnership.

Please ask & take our advice for optimal match. Be 100% honest of your skill level, confidence level, & for what purpose your seeking an equine for. We can't guarantee a perfect union but we will certainly give it our best try.

*Read before Purchase - Please note that if you decide to waive a Pre-Purchase exam, that horse will come with a Good Shepherd 14 day soundness guarantee.

If you have a pre-purchase exam done by a vet then our guarantee will not be offered as the vet will be responsible after exam.

*Not happy with your horse - If you feel your are not well matched with your horse, you may return your horse within 14 days. We will not refund horse adoptions or purchases under any circumstance. But offer a 14 day trade back guarantee only.

*14 day guarantee - In the unlikely event that you wish to return your horse within the 14 day period, we are happy to take the horse back.

Our guarantee is a trade back policy only, meaning; we will trade a horse of equal or lessor value (no refunds or credit on difference). If your considering a horse with a higher list price, you are welcome to exchange but you will be expected to pay the difference. Buyer will be responsible for ALL hauling & travel expenses (Coggins, Health cert., Board, etc...). 

*Age of Horse - Most of our horses are aged by vets & by our very experienced staff. But If horse is not registered we can not guarantee age or breed.

*After Purchase or Adoption - we expect good, safe, comfortable homes for all of our horses. If you adopted or purchased a horse from Good Shepherd & for any reason no longer can or want to care for that horse, we will at any time & for any reason accept that horse back into our care.

Payments & Deposits

Equine buying options & payment info

We accept Cash (preferred), Bank wires, PayPal, Checks or all major Credit cards.

*Checks - make payable to Good Shepherd Ranch. A minimum of one week will be required to allow check to clear.

*Bank wires or Paypal - are accepted but a convenience fee of $30 will be applied. Please allow 3-7 days to clear. Your horse will not be released until funds have cleared.

*Credit Card payments - a 3% - 5% Credit card transaction fee will be applied to any purchase.

*Cash - a 5% discount will be applied to all Horse sales/Adoptions when purchased with Cash.   

* Deposits - 10% is required to hold any horse. Deposits are invoiced via email, can be sent via Bank wire, or via PayPal, if not paid with cash in person.

Deposit's are non-refundable in any situation but can be applied toward any other horses purchase price if you choose not to take horse deposit was put on. Your deposit will then turn into a credit & will never expire or have a date to use by.

If a deposit is made, you will be sent a receipt via email. You be required to fill out receipt, sign & send a copy back for our records.

*Payments - payment options are available if divided into a maximum of 3-4 installments.

Board & care fee's of $10/per day will be applied.


If paying with Check or Credit card & payment defaults, is canceled, bounces, is declined or reversed you will give Good Shepherd Ranch or its agents permission to come on your private property without notice to confiscate said horse or equipment. At which point you render rights as owner of Horse or equipment. Past payments or deposits won't be refunded or reimbursed.

*Board/Care - A board fee of $10 per day/per horse will be applied one week (7 days) from deposit day.


Trades & Consignments

Equine Trades & Consigning 

*Consignments - We will take a very limited & selective amount of quality trail & driving horses that we will consign/sell to the public.

*Horse must be guaranteed 100% sound

*Consignment fee will apply

*Discounted Boarding fee's will apply

*Training cost may apply

Please contact for more info or to see if your horse meets our consignment requirements.

*Equine Trades - if you currently have a horse your that is not right for you, we are open to trades (partial only), we will NEVER do straight trades.

*Trade horse must be guaranteed 100% sound

trade value will depend on past training, age, size, breed, etc.... 

Equipment purchases

Harness, Buggies, Saddles or Tack

*New Saddle's, Buggies or Tack - Limited amount in stock otherwise can be ordered. When in stock or ordered, if new can be exchanged for another piece of Equipment or Tack of equal or lessor value -within (30 days). Shipping + handling cost may apply.

*Used Saddles, Buggies or Tack - are sold as is, with all faults, conditions & imperfections. 


Hauling Horses, Livestock & Equipment 

*Out of State - We do haul a very limited amount of Horses & equipment. Hauling rates vary.

Contact for Quote

*Local Hauls - Are available given our schedule will allow. Most local hauls range about $1.50-$2/a mile. Price might increase depending on location, size of equipment or difficulty of livestock to handle.  

Visit the Ranch

Scheduling a visit to Good Shepherd 

*Appointments - Would love to have you. We do go by appointment only. So please call 520-990-2041 or email us at [email protected] to schedule. 

*Local Hauls - Are available given our schedule will allow. Most local hauls range about $1.50-$2/a mile. Price might increase depending on location, size of equipment or difficulty of livestock to handle.  

*Our visiting hours - by appointment only but can be scheduled on the following days between listed hours, if available:

Monday 9am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-6pm

*Wednesdays - we don't take appointments

Thursdays 9am-6pm

Fridays 9am-6pm

Saturdays 9am-6pm

*Sundays - we observe the Sabbath & devote our day to God & spending time with family. 

We are unique Ranch dedicated to providing all Horses a purpose & a place.

We also provide Carriages & Wagons for any occasion.

**With us - when you Adopt OR purchase one you help many more**

When working with us, your supporting a Christian Family & local business!


Register to become a member & stay updated on what Good Shepherd Ranch is up too!


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