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The Good Shepherd Ranch, LLC.

~Guaranteed Trail & Driving Horses~

(520) 990-2041

[email protected] 

Available Mares

Credit Cards accepted but there will be a 3% fee, Horses can be held with a 10% deposit


Offering a 5% discount to cash buyers


A 10-11 yr old, 16.2-3 hand 

 Shire mare that Rides & Drives, safe for any level horseman

This jet black, dappled Shire rides great - Western, English or bareback and

also drives double or single rather well.

Her favorite speed is walk but will trot & lope.

She is the kind of horse that will not expend more energy than necessary.

Great for ANY level rider, even safe for ol granny.

Bagheera will lead or follow-on trails, doesn't rush back to the barn

& doesn't care if the other horses leave her out on trails.

Bagheera would also be an ideal therapy horse. She is super quiet & easy to get along with.

She has absolutely NO BUCK, NO REAR, NO BOLT!

She is sound, traffic safe, sweet and friendly, will walk right up to us in the pasture.

Goes through water, she's great socially/ turned out with others.

She's also very quiet, has smooth gaits & is just super stunning to look at.

Bagheera got feathers to die for and she LOVES her grain!

She has raised some babies & is a very good mama.

Bagheera also: ties, loads, hauls, bathes and stands for the farrier without stalks.



A sweet & very kind, coming 4yo, 16-16.1 hand

Brabant/Percheron Cross mare that Rides & Drives awesome!

A very SWEET, WILLING & KIND, coming 4yo blue roan draft cross mare.

Blueberry is part Brabant & Percheron.

She's put together just beautifully! 

Blueberry is the whole package, beauty & brains!!!!

She is the ultimate all around/family friendly horse.

This blue beauty loves attention & affection of any kind.

She's not only beautiful but she rides PERFECT & drives PERFECT - double or single great! 

Her nickname should be Mary Poppins, as she practically perfect in every way. 

Very Traffic safe, VERY willing to try new & scary things.

We've taken Blueberry to our local public park and exposed her to an electric dam, strollers, bicycles, under & over bridges, screaming/crying children, lots of traffic, barking dogs, geese, tight squeezes, close walls, sidewalks, speed boats, and much more, and none of these bothered her in any way!

Recently we hauled her to a local Gymkhana play day and she did fantastic and placed in 3 of the classes. This was the first time she has ever been asked to compete & first time in the arena. Some of the things she did were barrel race, pole bend, key hole, Texas barrels, flag race & more. 

We are so proud of the willingness & agility she gave us.

Blueberry has No buck, no rear, no silliness, just a lovely, very laid back mare. Would prefer to follow on the trails because her pace is slower on the trails but will lead when asked.

Blueberry gets along great in a herd/ pasture setting, is not marish or alpha. She's never in hurry unless asked & will not rush back to the barn. 

Blueberry is great on or off trails. 

Her gaits are lovely, her trot is nice & her lope is amazing.

Blueberry is definitely an all around horse, she has done everything we've asked of her and she's always given her best. If your wanting a full figured, flashy gal that is a great family horse that loves children, tolerates strollers, screaming babies, Rides & drives wonderful, then here's your girl.

We have jumped her in the forest over logs, she is willing & quite smooth. Blueberry would also make a fantastic vaulting prospect or even perfect for a therapy program.

We have ridden this mare Western, English, bareback, double ridden bareback, we have even ridden her bareback with one adult & 3 kids. Blueberry is the ultimate family Cadillac. 

We ride her out alone as well as in groups of other horses and mules. No matter how you ride her, she does great and really thrives on the bond with her rider/handler. Although, She does just love people and children in general but loves to be praised when she does well or works hard. 

We guarantee her to be 100% sound & compatible for any rider/driver & to prove it to you we do provide a trial period.

Blueberry also: ties, loads, hauls & fantastic for the farrier without stalks.

Price: $30,000

Blue Belle

a coming 3-year-old, Blue Gray, 15.1-2 Hand Percheron cross mare. 

Rides great, super gentle, super quiet, 

 super easy going and drives - double or single

A FABULOUS family horse

If you want EXCEPTIONAL & MELLOW, here she is!

Meet Blue Belle, a very Blue gray Percheron cross mare. 

Belle rides great, super gentle, super quiet, super easy going and drives - double or single, THE VERY BEST!

Blue belle is currently 15.1-2 hands. She will get some more size.

You can let this mare sit and ride her cold backed with no groundwork and she will step right off like a gentile lady. She has shown ZERO buck, ZERO desire to rear.

She has absolutely no vices or bad habits.

She has been started slow and right. This mare has a great mind. She's just as sweet as can be around people and children. She ADORES people and especially children! Belle has the sweetest personality and best temperament. She's so cool! Blue Belle is the first to meet us at the gate, 

and she'll do anything for attention & love.

Great on trails, will lead or follow. 

 Will separate on trails. Traffic and road safe. 

Works alone very well also. 

Won't rush back to the barn, nor buddy sour.

This little mare is very versatile, she will ride English, western or bareback.

Also great in water. She makes a great diving board for the kids. 

 (See full video)

Currently She's pastured/ turned out with other mares/ geldings. 

Socially she does great. Not marish or alpha.

Blue Belle also: clips, bathes, ties, loads, hauls 

and stands for the farrier (without stalks).

Even though she's young she's fantastic under saddle or harness. This mare is an ideal horse for the whole family, especially if you have children, we trust Blue Belle with ours.

Also, if you're wanting to learn to drive or ride 

Belle is patient and quiet enough for anyone.

Driven and ridden in a "O" ring snaffle.

Passed a soundness/Health exam on 11/9/2021


Had testing done recently for genetic diseases, none were found.


More video

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I highly recommend The Good Shepherd Ranch to anyone looking for a gentle well-trained driving and riding horse or wanting to learn to drive. They have many beautiful horses. I recently bought Ella from the ranch and couldn't be happier with her, she is everything they described her to be and more! I have been taking driving lessons with Francesca and Tiffany and they are wonderful instructors, very knowledgeable and professional! I was able to purchase all the needed equipment to get started and have it fitted for Ella. Francesca and Tiffany have provided an ongoing resource to make sure I am successful with my new driving skills!

Kathy Andrysiak

Early in October 2019 I purchased/adopted the horse Ria from Good Shepard. She is exactly what she was claimed to be and I am very pleased to be her new owner. It was wonderful to be given truthful information and I would recommend Good Shepard to anyone looking for a a horse.   

Karen Lingelbach

Hey Francesca I just rode the Clydesdale I bought from you, Lindy! I just wanted to tell you that that this is one of the best started horses I have ever sat on. You had been so professional, helpful, & a pleasure to do business with!

I generally never buy horses that are already started by other people. Your training is unparalleled.

Her manners & sweet disposition reflects what a top notch operation & eye for a horse you have!! Her riding cues such as stopping, turning, confidence, & soft mouth are perfect! Extremely athletic & balanced

I knew she was special, but this is far more then I could have expected! We love her!!!! I would never buy a draft or cross from anyone else!! Thank you!

Lauren Schock with Lindy

(Purchased sight unseen)

Wonderful place, wonderful people. What else can I say? Kind people who do amazing work with horses. Will be referring those in need to them! As well as anyone looking to buy or adoot a correctly trained horse.

Heather Conrad 

Got the horse of my dreams.

Thank you for making that come true for me.


Great company to deal with. Francesca was very understanding about what I was looking for and found a wonderful draft cross filly for my next riding/driving horse. that k you so much!

Megan O'Connell

Brittany is a perfect lady on the ground and stands like a rock when mounting and dismounting. We are learning each other and she is a sweet thing who is eager to please. She is now striding out and trotting freely and having fun with poles, obstacles, and other challenges to keep her entertained! Thank you so much for this incredible gem!!

Caula Beyl (purchased sight unseen)

"Just wanted to put my 2 cents in review.

My name is Ed Wills, owner/Operator of GE Carriages. I have bought 4 of our horses through The Good Shepherd Ranch and have nothing but very high regards for them. All that I have gotten from them was exactly what they told me I was getting. There was no surprises when I got them home. If you're looking for a horse, trail, Ride and drive, or a young one that you can bring up yourself, The Good Shepherd Ranch is your go to ranch."

Ed Wills

Jessie Mueller recommends The Good Shepherd Ranch.

"We purchased our first horse, an 8 year old Clydesdale cross mare from The Good Shepherd Ranch and had such a wonderful experience. Our horse arrived in good health with the sweetest temperament. She’s everything they said she would be and more. I highly recommend getting your horse from here, especially if you’re new to horses and want a partner that is well trained and well loved. You won’t be disappointed."