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The Good Shepherd Ranch, LLC.

~Guaranteed Trail & Driving Horses~

(520) 981-3525

[email protected]

Sneak Peek Horses

 Our sneak peek horses are being shown but will not be released or made available to purchase until said horse has graduated the Good Shepherd program. 

Sneak peek horses can be held with a 10% deposit until released & will still go with our guarantee.

For details on the GSR program please visit our policy page

To view more images of all of our sneak peek horses please visit our facebook page at


A solid jet black 8yo mare!

Height: 15.2-3 hands

Breed: Percheron/Morgan cross

Rides great and drives great double or single! 

Loves attention and affection!

Eclipse is a sweet mare, great size and wow blacker then the night!

This little gal is great under harness, 100% sound, and traffic/ road safe.

Under saddle she moves beautiful and is light in the bridle.

Eclipse is great in a herd/pasture setting, not an alpha.

She also: ties, loads & hauls great, stands for the farrier.

Check out her video playlist at:


A dapple Grey gelding 8yo gelding

Height: 15.1-2 hands

Breed: Percheron/ Quarter horse

Rides & drives - double or single!

Goose is a very quiet guy that is easy to get along with, likes attention/affection and rides and drives excellent.

Goose is more whoa then go, never gets in a hurry unless asked to. Is not buddy or barn sour, won't rush back to the barn.

He's a great horse to learn how to drive with as he's very patient and forgiving. Also traffic and road safe.

Goose also: ties, loads, hauls great and stands for the farrier. Great in a social/pasture setting, is not the alpha.

You can view all his videos on YouTube at:


Oh my!! This is a special boy!!!

Check out this handsome hunk of a horse!!! Chunk has a stunning baby blue eye and awesome markings, not too mention his gorgeous, rich, Sorrel color.

Chunk is a sweet and quiet guy that is so stunning to look at and he's a pleasure to work with and be around.

Chunk rides and drives - double or single.

Chunk also: ties, loads, hauls, bathes and stands great for farrier (no stalks needed), was recently hot shod for the first time and did wonderful!

Chunk is currently not available but will be after we are well aquainted with him and put him through all of our paces/ tests. But he can be reserved with deposit.

You can check out his YouTube videos at:


 A 5yo 15.1-2 hands

Tennessee walker/ paint/ Belgian cross

Rides and drives - double or single

June has the amazing, smooth gaits of the Tennessee walking horse with the draft traits.

She's a sweet mare and is very traffic/ road safe. She's FABULOUS under harness and Great under saddle also! No buck, no rear.

June also: ties, loads, hauls, bathes and stands great for the farrier.

She came to us from the family that raised her & loved her. June had a great upbringing, always gentle hands and great training.

June was used for field work/ farming, breaking colts to drive, and she has worked cattle extensively.

June is great in a turn out/ social setting.

You can check out her YouTube videos at:


A Coming 3yo Clydesdale gelding

(Registration pending)

Rides and drives

Height: currently 16 hands & growing

Kit is a driving mate to Cadet. They make a really nice matched team & come from the same farm.

Cadet has a lovely build, he's a little lighter and more athletic built.

Cadet takes a harness & collar great. Drives great. Good with traffic. Also: ties, loads, hauls and stands for farrier.

Currently turned out/socialized with others and doing great.

More info & videos to come!


A Coming 3yo Clydesdale gelding

(Registration pending)

Height: 16 hands & growing

Kit is a quiet guy that rides and drives. Has a nice lighter and athletic build. Nice markings to!

Takes Harness & collar great. Hooks in really quiet also.

Kit also loads, hauls, bathes & stands for the farrier. Currently turned out/socialized with others

Keep your eye open for the fine fellow!

For all of Kits videos please go to his playlist at:


Meet Sherman - aka Sherman tank

A coming 3yo

15.3-16 hand

Registered American Brabant

Sherman rides and drives!

Sherman is built like a tank! And is very sweet, very quiet & very laid back!

He is definitely more whoa then go.

Sherman also: ties great, loads, hauls, & bathes!

Keep your eye on this handsome fellow. 


Mack is a 16.3-17 hand coming 3yo Belgian gelding that rides and drives.

He's sweet and quiet. Very nice & handsome boy!

To view all of Mack's videos please visit his playlist at: 


Denver is the sweetest, most loveable, huggable guy! He absolutely loves people and cuddles.

Denver rides great and has a beatiful walk/ trot/ canter. Rides more like a quarter horse with the amazing Clydesdale temperament.

This guy is not broke to drive yet but will be started under harness this month.

Denver has the most amazing, unique personality and is such a doll to work with and be around. He also loves children!

We have public that comes for our Clydesdale experience and Denver is part of the experience since he will cuddle anyone weather you initiate or not.

Denver is available as a riding horse but if your interested in him and would like him to complete driving training he can be reserved.

Denver also: ties, loads, hauls, bathes and stands great for the farrier (without stalks).



A 2 year old Percheron mare

our little Ming Dynasty horse, aka Dyna

She has been started under saddle and we will be slowly starting her under harness. She has a great foundation under her & we will be continue with her training until sold.

Dyna is roughly 15 hands currently but has a lot of growing left to do.

Dyna is super cute, a sweet girl, loves children and affection from anyone.

She's been socialized in a herd/pasture setting her entire life. She's really great with other mares or geldings.

Dyna also ties, loads, hauls, bathes and stands for farrier with out stalks.  


Clara Belle​

Meet Clara Belle, a sweet 2yo Percheron/Belgian cross mare. 

DOB 6/29/2022

Currently about 15.1 hands, drives double and single and rides. She's been going on trails and doing great.

Clara Belle is Very sweet, quiet and super CUTE! She's short and blocky! She is going to be a great handy size - not too big & not too small. 

Clara has been out on trail rides & has worked on the roads, she has been getting exposure & is traffic safe.

Currently turned out/pastured with other mares and geldings, she gets along great.

Easy to catch in a turn out/pasture setting. Usually will come to us a she loves affection & attention. 

This cute little gal has a lot more growing left and will make someone quite the nice trail and buggy horse.

Clara Belle also: ties, loads, hauls, bathes and stands to be shod. Has been hot shod.

Although her training is nearly complete please keep an eye open on our stories @ facebook for updates to watch her journey at the Good Shepherd Ranch as she grows & continues her education with us.