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The Good Shepherd Ranch, LLC.

~Guaranteed Trail & Driving Horses~

(520) 981-3525

[email protected]

The Clydesdale Experience

Going on vacation to Branson, Missouri? Want something ​different to do?

 Come to the Good Shepherd Ranch to get up close & personal with magnificent Clydesdale horses, ride them and get a wagon ride.

Come enjoy the beauty of the Ozarks mountains in a traditional wagon being pulled by beautiful Clydesdale horses in all their glory.

Come get Clydesdale hugs, love & see them do what they were bred to do! 

You and your family will witness firsthand these magnificent creatures using their brawn and brains to get you around the Ozarks. 

Feel the power but gentleness of these beauties underneath you as you ride them.

If you have never had the option to ride a Clydesdale, then we are the perfect spot for you and your family! Come ride a Clydesdale in our round corral! we can also lead any little ones around the round corral so they can enjoy a ride as well!

Come have an amazing family experience with the HUGE, beautiful, sweet & powerful Clydesdale horses at the Good Shepherd Ranch.

Private tours are available at an additional cost outside of normal hours. 

Please reach out for more information regarding private tours!

Email [email protected] or call James at 520-981-3525



We are open for bookings every day except for Sunday and Wednesday! 

Tours start at 9:00 am and last tour is at 3:00 pm

The wagon ride can range from 20 - 40 minutes then we come back to the ranch to allow you and your party time to ride & interact with the Clydesdales, getting pets in and pictures.

*We will be closed Wednesday September 7th - Friday September 9th

then resume our normal schedule. Thank you for your understanding



Ages 3-17

Wagon ride

Ranch tour 

A treat to give the horses

A ride on the Clydesdale in our round corral



Ages 18+

Wagon ride

Ranch tour 

A treat to give the horses

A ride on the Clydesdale in our round corral


Senior citizens + Active/Retired Military


ages 55+

1 wagon ride

Ranch tour 

A treat to give the horses

A ride on the Clydesdale in our round corral

Refund Policy

When booking with the Good Shepherd Ranch we are aware things can come up that can prevent you from making it out. If you cancel anytime prior to 5 days before your reservation, we will grant a full refund. If you cancel during the week of your visit we will allow for a reschedule with no additional cost to you.  

Here is a sneak peak of some of the fun we have here at The Good Shepherd Ranch!

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Client's Testimonials

Here is a great review from Brenda and her wonderful family who came to visit on 07/08/2022

"After getting many tips from this page I wanted to share what we did yesterday evening

I booked a tour/ wagon ride at The Good Shepherd Ranch. It was a really good time. After the ride the boys got to interact with the Clydesdale and draft horses, feeding them treats and getting to sit on 1

Look them up on Fb and book a wagon ride you won’t regret it!!! We were a party of 6 and the cost was very reasonable"

Here's another great review from Janice and her wonderful family!

"We did the “Clydesdale Experience” today at the Good Shepherd Ranch! It was amazing! It was about 30 minutes out of Branson and such a great time! I highly recommend it!"