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The Good Shepherd Ranch, LLC.

~Guaranteed Trail & Driving Horses~

(520) 981-3525

[email protected]


Breed: Percheron/Quarter horse

Age: 8

Height: 15.1-2 hands

Contact: James 520-981-3525

Email: [email protected]

A dapple Grey gelding 8yo gelding

Height: 15.1-2 hands

Breed: Percheron/ Quarter horse

Rides & drives - double or single!

Goose is a very quiet guy that is easy to get along with, likes attention/affection and rides and drives excellent.

Goose is more whoa then go, never gets in a hurry unless asked to. Is not buddy or barn sour, won't rush back to the barn.

We ride him alone on trail & he does great, Rides in a group great, we require him to split/ leave the group occasionally and he will lead or follow!

Would be a great horse for a therapy program or for someone lacking confidence.

Goose is sure footed and does great navigating some of the hilly/ rocky terrain on our forest trails.

He will also work off leg very nicely and does step over/side pass.

He's a great horse to learn how to drive with as he's very patient and forgiving. Also traffic and road safe.

Goose also: ties, loads, hauls great and stands for the farrier. Great in a social/pasture setting, is not the alpha. 

For more videos please check out his YouTube playlist: